Drainage Issues are Long Gone with this Patio and Retaining Wall Revamp

Eden outcroppings, Autumn Flame flagging stone, and pavers come together in this amazing revamp!

Minnesota summers are too short, so we make the most of them by getting outdoors at every chance; whether it’s up to the cabin, out on the lake, or just hanging out in your backyard, it’s great to soak up the sun, while you can.

This was the mindset of the homeowners featured in this post; they had a great property, but the space was underutilized and had drainage issues. They wanted to connect the front and back yards and to remedy the standing water they’d been experiencing, so they could better enjoy it.

A Backyard Revamp Features Natural Stone Walls, a Paver Patio, and a Fireplace

A paver patio with outdoor fireplace

In the planning stage of a given project we establish the desired elements that will make-up the finished landscape, what materials would best bring the design to life, and any challenges we may face during the build. This is a collaborative process where we work closely with our landscape designer and the homeowners to see the project come to fruition. This couldn’t have been more true than with a project we completed in Hudson, WI, last season.

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