Road Trip! A Visit to the Eden Stone Quarry

Craig at the Eden Stone quarry

In preparing for a new landscape installation, we are tasked with finding the right materials for the project. They need to meet the homeowner’s budget and style, while also being appropriate for the project and of high quality. Over our years of landscaping, we’ve developed a network of trusted vendors whose products have proven themselves, again and again. One such vendor is Eden Stone, whose collection of limestone products we have put to good use, as evidenced by the projects in our portfolio.

Brandi & Angelina at the Eden Stone quarry

Last spring, when given the opportunity to tour the Eden Stone quarry and learn more about the process of extracting the stone and creating the products we use, we jumped at the chance. I hit the road with Brandi, one of our landscape designers, for a five-hour jaunt out to Eden, Wisconsin. We were met by Angelina Triscari, who provided us with a wealth of information and showed us around the facilities. She told us about the quarry, which is known for producing limestone that is very dense and high strength, due to the tight compaction of the layers and composition of the minerals.

Eden Stone quarry

This natural phenomenon results in one of our favorite aspects of working with Eden Stone, which is their ability to extract the limestone at more precise thicknesses – up to a one-inch tolerance. Many quarries around the country can’t provide that close a tolerance without cutting the stone, which is undesirable if the project calls for a more natural look. Other benefits are that due to its density, it doesn’t chip or shale, unlike sandstone, and it comes in a nice variety of color tones.

Processing equipment at the quarry

During the tour, we were amazed by the scale of everything – oversized conveyor belts moving massive stones into the facility to be processed by huge saws. They’d haul in the stone to be cut into wall stone, outcroppings, flagging stone, and veneer, among many other products. It was great getting to see the materials we use being created from the ground up, literally!

Processing equipment at the quarry

Whether it’s selecting plants or pulling particular stones that match the specifications of a project, we always like to have a hand in choosing the materials. In doing so, we ensure they meet our standards and are a good representation of the high quality craftsmanship for which Yardmasters Landscapes is known.

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