A Backyard Revamp Features Natural Stone Walls, a Paver Patio, and a Fireplace

A paver patio with outdoor fireplace

In the planning stage of a given project we establish the desired elements that will make-up the finished landscape, what materials would best bring the design to life, and any challenges we may face during the build. This is a collaborative process where we work closely with our landscape designer and the homeowners to see the project come to fruition. This couldn’t have been more true than with a project we completed in Hudson, WI, last season.

The existing hardscapes before construction.

The homeowners wanted an outdoor living area that provided several areas for them to enjoy, but that still felt unified. These new hardscape areas also needed to complement the existing natural stone elements on the home. Because this was a home the owners only used for part of the year, it was also important for it to be low maintenance. And did I mention it all had to be built on a significant hillside in the backyard?

The existing hardscapes before construction

After a month of planning, where our designer collaborated with the homeowners to come up with a design that not only met their needs, but also accounted for the difficult terrain, we got started. First we removed the existing retaining walls and concrete patio, which were built using a stone that clashed with that on the home and did not provide the space the homeowners desired.

Building up the backyard with a new retaining wall and patio.

To create more usable space, we built up the backyard using natural Eden Stone outcroppings in tones that matched the home.

The organically shaped paver patio starting to shape up

We created an organically shaped multi-terraced paver patio, which gives the homeowners two spaces to enjoy, and provides access to the backyard through a set of stone steps.

A natural stone fireplace is the focal point of this paver patio.

As a focal point to the new patio area, an amazing natural stone fireplace was installed. It features two receptacles for holding firewood and has custom Eden Stone caps to tie it in with the stone walls.

Low maintenance rock and sun-loving plants surround the patio.

Surrounding the patio are new planting beds which contain a selection of low maintenance plants. Since the plants wouldn’t receive much shade, due to the openness of the lot, we chose varieties that could take a lot of sun; drip irrigation was also installed to help them stay healthy and to reduce the maintenance involved. Rock, rather than mulch, was added in the planting beds to not only minimize upkeep, but to also help with erosion issues.

All of the planning and coordinating helped this build go smoothly, and we couldn’t be happier with results! The homeowners are thrilled with their new outdoor living space and how it ties seamlessly in with their home’s facade, and they’re glad that any maintenance will be kept to a minimum. This project may have had some challenges, but after seeing the finished product, it was worth it! 

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