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Amazing Backyard Retreat

Pool with stamped concrete deck

Pool with Stamped Concrete Deck

Pool with fireplace, retaining walls, plants

Permeable Paver Parking Pad

Lake-friendly permeable paver ramp

Paver and Natural Stone Walkway

Paver walkway with natural stone steps

Paver Walkway with Natural Stone Steps

Pavers with soldier course and stone steps

Natural Chilton Stone Wall

Chilton wall with stone steppers

Lakeside Boulder Retaining Wall

Boulder retaining wall with steps to water

Outcropping Retaining Wall

Eden outcropping stones surrounding patio

Creek Bed Rain Garden

Lakeside rain garden prevents water runoff

Rain Barrel System

Water collection system to prevent runoff

Green Roof

Hardy plants help absorb water on the roof

New York Bluestone Patio/Walkway

Front entrance patio in New York Bluestone

Tumbled Multi-Colored Paver Patio

Paver patio with small seating area

Paver Patio with Fireplace

Paver patio with natural stone fireplace

Veneer Fire Pit with Glass 'Gravel'

Tumbled glass pieces sparkle under the fire

Natural Stone Fire Pit and Patio

Patio, fire pit, wall in mixed natural stone

Outdoor Kitchen and Patio

Al fresco cooking and dining made easy

Outdoor Fireplace and Paver Patio

Grand fireplace with natural stone accents

Flagstone Patio with Fire Pit

Stone wall around flagstone patio & fire ring

Paver Patio with Fireplace

Eden stone accents this outdoor fireplace

Bluestone Entryway with Chiminea

Entryway with natural stone and chiminea

Bluestone Patio with Fire Pit

Relaxing backyard patio and fire pit.

Natural Stone Stairs and Brick Paver Walkway

Natural stone steps lead to paver walk

Outcropping Retaining Wall and Steps

Outcropping walls border natural stone steps


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