Retaining Walls

Retaining walls increase the function of your yard by preventing erosion, improving drainage and soil conditions, and directing the flow of traffic through your yard. Retaining walls are also a great way to add support to larger projects like pools, patios, and driveways, and can add visual interest to your yard through terraced gardens and built-in seating. Using materials like modular block, brick, or natural stone, Yardmasters Landscapes can design the perfect solution for your yard!



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Tiered Modular Retaining Wall

Tiered modular retaining wall and steps.

Modular Retaining Wall

Clean modular block retaining wall system.

Stunning Wall and Courtyard

Rough-cut, hand set retaining walls.

Firepit with Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Firepit with Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Raised Front Wall

Chilton retaining walls elevate this yard.

Kasota Stone Retaining Wall

Cut Kasota Stone walls and flagstone patio.

Terraced Chilton Walls

Tiered Chilton walls with sawn boulder steps.

Chilton Retaining Wall

Beautiful colors in this Chilton wall.

Modular Block Wall and Steps

Use of modular blocks to add dimension.

Curved Natural Stone Walls

Curved stone walls beautify this yard.

Reclaimed Limestone

Old patterned wall stone and steps.

Chilton Walls and Courtyard

Breathtaking Chilton retaining walls.

Pennsylvania FIeld Stone Retaining Wall

Rustic and historic Pennsylvania field stone.

Chilton Wall and Fence

Perfectly level Chilton wall.

Lake Front Retaining Wall

Chilton and outcropping rock walls.

Rounded Chilton Wall

Softly curved retaining wall.

Retaining Wall with Egress Windows

Use of tiered walls for egress window.

Shaded Backyard Retaining Wall

Flowing curved Chilton wall.

Low Boulder Retaining Wall

Use of boulder walls for separation of spaces

Natural Chilton Stone Wall

Chilton wall with stone steppers

Lakeside Boulder Retaining Wall

Boulder retaining wall with steps to water

Outcropping Retaining Wall

Eden outcropping stones surrounding patio

Outcropping Retaining Wall and Steps

Outcropping walls border natural stone steps

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