New York Bluestone

A Patio and Fire Pit are Given New Life after a Rebuild

The completed fire pit and patio

When we are contacted by a customer, it’s often because they have a tired, lackluster landscape that’s in need of a refresh. But, sometimes, it isn’t that the landscaping is out-of-date, it just didn’t hold up – it’s not uncommon for us to be called in to fix or re-do the work of another landscaper. And, that’s exactly what happened in the project, described below.

An incorrectly installed patio by the previous landscaper

A Landscape is Dramatically Transformed by Reusing Existing Materials

The New York Bluestone patio after completion

With this unseasonably warm weather you may have watched with anticipation as the snow melted away and your landscaping reemerged. That’s usually a welcome sight, but if you’re underwhelmed when looking at your yard, we can help!

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