A Wood-Burning Pizza Oven Completes this Backyard Retreat

The pizza oven is a hit with the homeowners!

Last week, we detailed the process of creating a raised fire pit, which was surrounded by colorful tumbled glass pieces. This unique project was one part of a larger undertaking on this property, where we also built an outdoor wood-burning pizza oven.

The theme of this project was relaxation – the homeowners, who work stressful jobs, wanted a place to unwind with family and friends. The pizza oven, along with the fire pit, created the perfect atmosphere to entertain guests, lounge around, and catch-up by the fire – all without having to leave their backyard!

The pizza oven was built into the hillside.

We wanted the pizza oven to fit naturally into the landscape, so we dug out a section of land so the structure could be tucked into the hillside, rather than having it sit conspicuously on top. After the excavation was complete, we laid out the footprint of the structure and poured the concrete footings.

The structure of the pizza oven was built with concrete blocks.

Once a secure foundation had been created, we framed out the area for the storage compartments, and added the pizza oven, itself. The oven component, which was made by Forno Bravo as part of a kit, was imported from Italy. After the main structure was built, we surrounded it in concrete block and covered it with a scratch coat (to help the stone adhere), in preparation for the stone overlay.

The stone for the front of the pizza oven was intricately arranged.

The custom ordered stone used on the pizza oven and storage area, was the same as that used on the fire pit; it is a natural stone called Loon Lake Veneer. It was intricately laid out and then mortared to the façade of the pizza oven structure; tuck pointing, where the gaps between the stones are filled in, was done do complete the stone installation.

Finishing touches on the project included a bluestone patio around the pizza oven, a Chilton stone retaining wall to hold back the hillside and enclose the kitchen space, new landscaping to beautify the area, and a chip stone trail leading up to the fire pit.

The finishing touches were added to the pizza oven area.

The pizza oven structure features more than just the oven; it has granite countertops which can handle all the outdoor elements, a stainless steel sink with stainless access door, an area for storing garbage, and another for storing wood for the fire (not seen are the stainless steel doors for these compartments).

The pizza oven is complete and looks great!

With this project complete, the homeowners can have guests relax in two different seating areas; they can retire up to the fire pit, or they can wait for their pizzas to cook down by the oven. The wait isn't very long, however, as after the oven heats up, which takes about two hours, it can hold four pizzas and cook them in three minutes!

We have done several pizza ovens before, but this one was the most extensive; this project was a challenge, but we are thrilled with the outcome. We are even more excited to hear that the pizza oven and fire pit are being put to good use, with monthly neighborhood-wide pizza parties that the homeowners host!

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