A Yard with Poor Drainage is Regraded to Prevent Water Damage to a New Patio

A new patio and stairway replace their water damaged counterparts.

These Woodbury homeowners were facing quite a problem before they called Yardmasters. The grade of their yard went down toward the house, resulting in water damage to their patio and stairs. With their patio sunken and the stairs tipping in, it was definitely in need of an overhaul!

The patio, looking outward from the house.

Our crew came in and tore out the patio and stairs, so a brand new patio with courtyard walls and stairway could be installed in its place.

The old patio was removed and a new one was put in its place, after some grading of the yard.

The grass was removed so the land could be reworked and regraded, to ensure no future water issues. Many of the existing plantings, like the Dogwoods, Hydrangeas, and Hostas were replanted later, to save cost, while other areas received new plantings.

Pea stone went around the plantings near the house, while mulch surrounded the tree line plantings.

The planting beds around the house and tree line were re-contoured to fit better with the newly installed patio and freshly graded yard. After the plantings were added or replanted, the beds around the house were filled with pea stone, while the beds on the outskirts of the yard received mulch; the rest of the yard was filled with lush grass.

Beneath the plantings is an drip irrigation system; the grass received an in-ground sprinkler system.

Beneath the grass, a sprinkler system was installed to ensure that the grass is getting the water it needs, while the garden beds received drip irrigation for each plant, so that they aren't over watered and drown.

With the newly graded lawn and patio re-do, the backyard is a functional and enjoyable place.

With this new irrigation systems and the re-graded yard, the water issues these homeowners faced will be a thing of the past. Their revamped patio is an attractive focal point of the backyard, and can now be enjoyed anew thanks to Yardmasters!

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