An Outdoor Cooking Station Completes a Stunning Backyard Oasis

This stunning landscape has it all - a pool, fireplace, paver patio and walkways, outcroppings, and plantings.

Beginning with a raw landscape, last year, the Yardmasters' team transformed what was a heavily wooded lot into a sanctuary for this Scandia family. After felling some trees, there was plenty of room to start constructing this landscaping masterpiece.

Placing the outcropping stone takes require precision and some heavy lifting.

The early stages of this project saw the pool installed and the surrounding land reworked. St. Croix Outcropping stones were brought in and arranged, via Yardmasters skilled operator, to provide structure and a place for plantings in the yard.

The concrete deck starts getting poured and forms are laid out for the inlaid areas.

With the outcroppings installed, work began on the concrete and stonework around the pool and soon-to-be fireplace.

The pool deck features stamped and colored concrete with inlaid pavers.

The pool deck received a stamped and colored concrete finish, which wrapped around inlaid pavers in the fireplace and pool seating areas. These inlaid areas not only help delineate the separate areas, but also ad visual interest to the space.

The fireplace provides a great place to relax during the summer.

The fireplace, which was painstakingly built once the pool deck was in place, has compartments for storing firewood and is made with Loon Lake veneer stone. It is a great place for roasting marshmallows in the summer and to stay toasty near as the nights grow cooler. It's a statement-making addition to a yard and is not only functional but beautiful!

The patio design is laid out and awaiting the Yardmasters' skilled workers to start arranging the pavers.

While work was being completed on the pool and fireplace areas, the design for the patio was being laid out. This new patio replaces a much smaller one, and will now be the prime spot for enjoying the rest of the landscape enhancements.

The patio features pavers with an inlaid circle of New York Bluestone.

Completed, the patio features pavers with an inlaid circle of New York Bluestone, and provides access to the hot tub and tuck under garage, below the screen room, that were added during the construction.

The pathways around the property meander up toward the deck or down toward the pool.

The pathways, surrounded by colorful flowers and plantings, were constructed with complementing colors of pavers, and Chilton stone steps. They connect the house to the upper and lower pathways, up to the driveway and newly built composite deck or down to the pool and fireplace areas, respectively.

The new cooking station has all the amenities!

With the major construction completed last year, the homeowners decided, this year, that there was one finishing touch needed to complete their dream yard – an outdoor cooking station! We got to work constructing an area for cooking and relaxing that would make any grill master proud.

Complete with grill, refrigerator, sink, burners, and bar area - this cooking station has it all!

The cooking station is complete with grill, refrigerator, sink, burners, and a granite topped bar area, and is made with Loon Lake veneer stone to match that used on the fireplace.

This backyard was transformed into a beautiful retreat to enjoy with the family.

This yard has seen a total transformation – from an undeveloped wooded lot to a fun-filled and eye-catching retreat, this landscape has it all! It was a truly rewarding experience to watch this project unfold and bring about such a dramatic change to this estate!

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