A Patio Revived - Bringing New Life to an Old Patio

The new patio, complete with homey touches.

After enjoying their patio for the last 12 years, one of our past customers was ready for an update. This North Oaks home used to sport a smaller, rectangle patio – but it was no longer suiting the needs of the homeowners. They wanted a fresh look – from the style of pavers to the size and shape of the patio, itself.

The crew worked quickly to bring this revived patio to life.

The Yardmasters crews got to work removing the old patio and plotting out the shape of the new one. Using Anchor "Charleston" series pavers, they skillfully laid out the new scallop shaped patio, making quick progress.

Making the scalloped shaped patio takes skill and precision.

The scallop shape is an intricate process, requiring the outer bricks to be cut individually so they form a smooth circular edge – it is precision work that yields an eye-catching look, while also accommodating existing trees and plantings.

The finished patio curves smoothly and accomodates existing plantings.

After some mulching around the trees and flowerbeds, it's ready for those homey touches. The larger space provides plenty of room for several seating areas and is the perfect place for entertaining, or just relaxing outdoors.

There's plenty of seating available on this newly expanded patio.

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