Phase Two of the Bald Eagle Lake Project

The homeowners wanted a place to relax on their property while their new house is being built.

If you checked out our last post, then you know that landscape projects can sometimes come together over a span of several years. On our Bald Eagle Lake project, the beachfront section of the property was completed last year, while additional landscaping is currently underway to complement the new house built on the premises.

Permeable pavers allow water to drain, rather than funneling it into the lake.

Before the project could even get started last summer, we worked closely with the Department of Natural Resources and the local watershed to ensure that any excess water that lands on the property is absorbed, rather than funneled into the lake. We used permeable pavers for the walkway that leads to the lake - these are solid underfoot, but still allow a place for water to drain.

The creek bed doubles as a rain garden, collecting excess water before it drained into the lake.

A creek bed that doubles as a rain garden, meanders past the firepit area, providing not only a relaxing water feature but another way for excess water to drain back into the earth, rather than the lake. An underground culvert on the opposite side of the road, near the home, channels the water into the rings of the creek bed, keeping it flowing, while also allowing water to be absorbed. 

The firepit area, along the shoreline.

While their new home was being built, the owners still wanted to be able to enjoy their beautiful property. Along with the creek, the firepit area, complete with seating rocks, pavers, natural stone steps, and verdant plantings, provided the perfect space for them to relax and enjoy the lake, while keeping an eye on the progress of their home.

Large rocks were placed along the shoreline to stabilize it and prevent erosion.

In addition to the other improvements near the beachfront, the shoreline also received a restoration and stabilization. To prevent erosion, large rocks were firmly pressed into the shoreline, which assures that in the spring, when the ice from the lake begins to melt, it will not push them out of place – as is common with smaller, loosely packed rocks.

The new Chilton stone retaining wall already underway.

The next phase of this project involves developing the landscaping around the newly built home. A Chilton stone retaining wall is quickly materializing due to the skilled Yardmasters' craftsmen, and the stonework on the home has already been completed. Further landscaping will continue the use of permeable pavers and water gardens to not only provide a consistent look, but an even more lake-friendly property.

Work in progress at the Bald Eagle Lake site.

Despite the rain we've had this summer (and the mud that comes with it!), this project should be wrapping up, on schedule, in mid-September. We'll be updating the blog regularly with our progress, so make sure to check back to see the transformation unfold!

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